The “Smart” Claims Lifecycle seamlessly incorporates advanced analytics and AI models, making analytics an integral part of our claims management software.

Continuous connections are established with AI models, generating recommendations within the claims solution to reduce user clicks and minimize reliance on other solutions.

Experience Native AI models to assist your team in optimizing tactical, operational, and strategic decisions throughout the claims lifecycle.

Realize a better way of working with Native AI

Workers’ Compensation

Transform your workers’ compensation program with, streamlining processes, accelerating communication, and enhancing compliance adherence.

Property & Casualty

Rethink your approach to property & casualty claim management with AI, ensuring unmatched efficiency, accuracy, timeliness, and outcomes.


Simplify the reconciliation of disability payments and identify overlapping payments with programs such as workers’ compensation.

Need a system that evolves with your business?

Need a system that evolves with your business?

Explore familiar capabilities with an innovative AI twist

Intake and Reporting

Streamline timely and accurate collection of claims information.

Case Management

Easily track claims throughout the lifecycle. Assign or reassign claims, manage tasks, get status updates, and facilitate communication among stakeholders.

Task Assignment & Tracking

Assign, track, and remind team members of tasks for investigation, evaluation,compliance reporting, and timely resolution.


Improve communication and collaboration among claims teams, external stakeholders, and claimants, reducing potential bottlenecks.

Workflow Automation

Automate processes like assignments, notifications, reminders, and escalations based on rules, reducing manual efforts and ensuring prompt, consistent execution of critical activities.

Reserve Management aids in establishing and managing claims reserves, assisting you in allocating funds for settlements and monitoring changes in reserve requirements.

Benefit Calculations

Accurately calculate benefits in accordance with jurisdictional regulations and benefit formulas, covering medical expenses, wage replacement, and disability benefits.

Fraud Detection uses fraud detection algorithms and data analytics to identify potential fraudulent claims, helping organizations minimize unnecessary payouts.


Centralized viewing of claims details, including incident reports, photos, witness statements, and supporting documents.

Document Management

Store, organize, and retrieve claim-related documents securely with indexing and search capabilities.

Regulatory Compliance

Aid in ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and reporting requirements.

Analysis and Reporting

Powerful data analytics, AI models, and visualization tools to gain insights into trends, costs, and performance metrics. streamlines the claims management process, from initial reporting to resolution, helping you reduce claims costs and improve customer satisfaction


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