Industry Leading Audit and Performance Software Solution

Identify and prioritize claims for auditing with AI. Audit ensures operational compliance, minimizes risks, identifies issues, and drives continuous improvement for efficient claims management. Audit, powered by AI, assesses adjuster performance based on caseload management, claims efficiency, audit scores, penalties, task promptness, compliance, reserve accuracy, litigation handling, and claimant satisfaction.

AI Powered Audits | Swift and Impactful


Over 85% efficiency gains, and 35% quality and compliance improvements.


Auditors compare case-level predictions with examiners’ judgments. Notable differences result in automatic flagging and assigning of claims for audits based on predefined rules.


Better control over audit plan execution and reducing examiner rebuttals by over 45%.

Looking for swift and impactful audits?

Looking for swift and impactful audits?

Simplify auditing with advanced AI powered features

Automation and AI

Experience AI-driven business rules for guided claim sampling. Optimize your audit workflow with configurable settings for quality, operational, fraud, or statutory audits, streamlining the process for an effective solution.

Coordinated Teamwork offers dedicated queues for auditors, examiners, managers, SIU, and legal, streamlining task allocation. Easily reassign audits for workload balancing, and refer to key personnel for sharing sensitive observations.

Faster, Smarter AuditsĀ 

Identify the ‘right claim’ for audit, automate decisions and recommendations, integrate AI predictive outputs, and utilize our AI-driven adjuster recommendation system for streamlined auditing.

Performance Mgmt.

Gain insights into examiner performance with heat maps, quantify auditors’ contributions to the program, and consolidate overall performance into audit program ROI for a comprehensive view of impact and efficiency.

Insightful Dashboards

Monitor real-time audit status, gap identification, and monetary impact with displayed KPIs. Evaluate examiners’ quality scores through dedicated KPIs. Stay informed with alerts and notifications for proactive audit management.

Boost the effectiveness and quality of your claims audit program while reducing the time needed for planing and executing by more than 85%.


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Who can use the Audit? Audit is designed for versatile use and can be employed by a range of stakeholders involved in the claims management process….

What does encompass AI in its Audit and Performance offering?’s audit tool is an end-to-end AI-driven automation solution that streamlines workflows and enhances audit control for both business ….

How can Audit benefit us? Audit automates workflows for auditors, examiners, managers, SIU, and consultants, enhancing the audit process. AI aids in claim selection, pre-populates audit ….

Can the Audit capabilities be configured for specific claims audit requirements? Audit allows for configuration for alignment with specific claims audit requirements. ….

How do AI features contribute to fraud detection during claims processing audits?’s fraud detection suite includes models like overbilling, accelerated billing, injury and ICD anomaly….

Can Audit be used as an independent module? is designed to offer flexibility in its usage. Whether integrated into a larger ecosystem or utilized independently….