Smart Risk and Claims Solution for Self-Insurers

Elevate outcomes with Native AI, predictive analytics and automation.

SaaS-Based Insurance Solutions for Comprehensive Claims and Risk Management by

Empowering Self-Insurers: Navigating Financial Risk and Managing Claims Variability with

Essential Elements for Successful Risk Management

Tailored AI-Based Focus

Identify and resolve non-optimized scenarios before becoming costly and complex

Lower Operational costs’s unified AI approach enhances adjusters’ focus for greater responsiveness and fewer missteps

Stay Compliant

Avoid penalties and legal consequences linked to claims non-compliance, including untimely reporting and unfair claims handling practices

Concerned about delays implementing changes?

Concerned about delays implementing changes?

Integrating AI for Exceptional Results in Familiar Capabilities

Claims Administration seamlessly incorportates advanced analytics and AI models making the analytics capabilities an integral part of the claims management software.

Claimant Access

Providing a streamlined and user-friendly interface for claimants to easily view their claims, enhancing transparency and efficiency in the claims process.

Insurance Analytics

Accurately forecasting key events can improve claims management and risk mitigation, optimizing tactical, operational and strategic decisions

Risk Management RMIS identifies and responds to emerging risks and trends that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Fraud & Abuse Detection

Using Native AI to perform complex and in-depth investigation into data to capture potential hidden and costly anomalies

Compliance & Audit

Ensuring seamless tracking, organization, and adherence to regulatory requirements, enhancing accountability and mitigating risks Empowers Self-Insurers for Success with Proactive Risk Management and Enhanced Claims Results


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