KlearClaims is a comprehensive P&C Claims and Risk Management platform. The 2022 RMIS Report spotlights Klear.ai’s unique “AI-native” approach to enhancing P&C Claims and Risk Management.

CYPRESS, Calif., April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — April 18th Klear.ai, (a 4aiSoft Solution) announced today their inclusion in the 2022 RMIS Report [published by Redhand Advisors]

Klear.ai follows up last year’s strong RMIS Report debut with an equally strong 2022 report with the continued innovation of a user-friendly, native

Artificial Intelligence solution built for risk and claims management. The highly configurable and integrated solution for multiple lines of insurance aids adjusting teams to optimize decisions throughout the claims life cycle with predictive AI and automation.

The Klear.ai Risk Ecosystem provides innovative, insurance data solutions to the insurance market and is designed to meet today’s business goals with a user-friendly, future-proof platform that can readily adapt to your business needs.

KlearClaims AI-based Claims Administration, automated to empower clients with the early identification of problem scenarios, negatively impacting workers’ compensation, liability, and property insurance programs. KlearAnalytics Analytics is powered by Artificial Intelligence to identify high-risk claims and realize efficiency gains in a fraction of the time delivering valuable insights for better decision making for all P&C insurance programs including Workers’ Compensation.

KlearClaims, is an all-in-one platform that assists adjusters with reserves, potential fraud, subrogation opportunities, litigation propensity, and much more. Overall benefits include increased efficiency and considerable savings in time, effort, and resources.

Klear.ai’s highly adaptable and secure platform offers many benefits that include:

  • a comprehensive solution for claims and risk management, in the P&C insurance space addressing data extraction/migration challenges between multiple applications
  • native AI design and architecture make the system significantly more efficient compared to “add-on” AI approaches
  • optimal automation, notifications, and alerts to improve the bandwidth of examiners & adjusters and enhance the overall customer experience
  • 100% compliance with all federal and state regulations in reporting, eliminating penalties
  • automated business rules for case management & claim activity
  • provision to assign multiple adjusters /resources to a single claim, if required
  • deployed as a single system for better overall efficiencies, customers also have the flexibility to use and pay for only those modules they require
  • Klear.ai is offered as a secure, SaaS platform – no additional customer IT infrastructure or maintenance required

Klear.ai Modules:

  • KlearClaims
  • KlearPolicy
  • KlearAnalytics
  • KlearAudit
  • KlearIntake
  • KlearUR
  • KlearAbsence

The authors of the RMIS Report are respected industry experts Patrick O’Neill and David Tweedy. The report is designed to provide buyers with an unbiased, comprehensive analysis to evaluate leading vendors, technology, and market trends in the RMIS space.

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Klear.ai provides native AI data solutions to the insurance industry and is designed to meet today’s business goals with a user-friendly, future-proof platform that can readily adapt to evolving P&C insurance business needs.

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