Klear.ai featured in WorkersCompensation.com’s article highlighting the substantive changes “Native AI” solutions are having on claims management.

Cypress, CA, Release: Dec. 12, 2021 — — Klear.ai makers of KlearClaims an integrated risk management platform ( IRM ) with Native AI, was featured in an article highlighting advancements in Artificial intelligence in claims management on WorkersCompensation.com – a nationally recognized leader in Workers’ Compensation news and information.

The article which is titled, Marriage of Technology, Industry Know-How Leads to ‘Paradigm Shift’ in Claims Management was published on Thursday, December 9, 2021 on WorkersCompensation.com. The article quotes Brijesh Kumar, founder and CEO of 4aiSoft LLC, the company behind Klear.ai during this year’s National Comp conference explaining how his company was able to help a mid-sized third-party administrator realize savings of $10.5 million in the annual cost of its workers’ compensation program with artificial intelligence, which is close to 10% of their total cost.

The article goes on to explain in more detail, the specific benefits gained by applying Klear.ai’s unique predictive solutions and inherent automation to specific claims’ use cases like:

  • Severity
  • Litigation
  • Reserving
  • Fraud
  • Subrogation
  • Settlement

“I am very pleased to see a prestigious organization like WorkersCompensation.com and a respected industry journalist like Nancy Grover embrace the profound impact artificial intelligence is having on insurance and specifically on claims management,” said Kumar. “We are at the forefront with helping companies streamline their claims processes and improve their client’s experience with AI.”

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Klear.ai’s modern SaaS platform is built from the ground up with native artificial intelligence and role-based, smart automation. Klear.ai’s easy-to-use, robust claims management fully leverages Business Intelligence, AI-based predictive analytics all supported with smart automation and auditing.

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