Native AI Powered Risk and Claims Software That Mitigates Risks and Cuts Claim Costs

Predict adverse situations. Detect hidden exposures. Guided recommendations.

Smarter Decisions

Faster Results

Better Outcomes

In today’s dynamic business landscape, effective risk and insurance management are crucial for success. is your ultimate software solution for streamlined, AI data-driven, and comprehensive risk and claims management.

Easily adaptable to meet your organization’s distinct risk and claims management needs, and workflows with extensive configurability.

Expedite Workers’ Compensation and P&C claims handling, reduce costs, and enhance accuracy.

Centralize risk-related data and activities, improve decision-making, and enhance risk resilience. Ecosystem

Experience our advanced solution for Risk Management, P&C and Workers’ Compensation Claims Management. Empowering risk managers, adjusters, and executives, our smart solution utilizes Native AI and ML technologies for predictive insights and intelligent recommendations across the risk and claims landscape.


Embrace a future-forward approach to business solutions with, delivering the latest advancements in technology and functionality.


Unlock transformative power in with unparalleled intelligence, advanced algorithms, and data-driven insights for optimized business processes, to meet your evolving organizational needs.


Experience the ease and efficiency of with its intuitive interface, ensuring a user-friendly and seamlessly navigable experience for enhanced productivity.


Tailor your experience with through its configurable features, allowing you to customize settings and adapt functionality to align with your unique business requirements.


Rely on for its dependable performance, providing a robust and consistent solution that ensures stability and trustworthiness for your business operations. Product Suite

Leverage our integrated solutions to build a system configured for your business. We’ll help your team come together, serve customers better, and grow

Risk Management

Embrace a Native AI & ML risk platform, and achieve superior outcomes

Explore’s all-in-one SaaS solution, efficiently consolidating and managing risk and claims information. With over two decades of expertise, we provide a holistic view and predictive insights for well-informed decisions.’s RMIS is designed for Risk, Safety, and Compliance professionals. Our solution proactively detects and addresses emerging risks and trends. Whether mitigating risks, identifying trends, or projecting losses, goes beyond tradition, providing comprehensive tools for enhanced risk management clarity.

Mitigate Risks

Minimize risks and maximize opportunities with real-time insights

Cost Savings

Reduce claim costs and improve operational efficiency with better outcomes

Claims Administration’s end to end Claims Administration solution, FIRST of its kind designed with Native AI capabilities

Experience our comprehensive software solution for Property & Casualty and Workers’ Compensation Claims Management, and Disability Management. Designed to empower adjusters, supervisors and executives, injecting predictive insights into the claim lifecycle, and providing tailored recommendations. is the next generation claims experience that takes you on a visually insightful journey guiding you through the comprehensive claims process, resulting in reduced costs and better outcomes.

Ready to improve the risk and claims experience?

Ready to improve the risk and claims experience?

Analytics and AI

Enhance Decision-Making throughout the insurance program lifecycle using Analytics

Explore our state-of-the-art analytics, fueled by Native AI and ML capabilities, enabling a deep dive into data to uncover hidden trends and identify irregularities, anomalies, and suspicious activities that may escape unnoticed. Analytics delivers superior outcomes, optimizes resource allocation, and reduces the overall cost of risk.

Utilize AI & ML driven Analytics for tangible benefits, including claims triaging, enhanced efficiency, cost minimization, loss recoupment, and resource management.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions with AI and data backed insights

Operational Excellence

Better control over Audit Plan Execution

Audit and Performance Management

Cut audit planning and execution time by more than 85%

Enhance auditor and examiner efficiency with Audit to systematically evaluate the claims process, ensuring alignment with protocols, industry mandates, and best practices. Using predictive insights, Audit automates up to 75% of the audit program, reducing the need for manual involvement.

Effortlessly integrate multiple teams into the audit program workflow, objectively quantifying examiner accuracy, auditor contribution, and the audit program’s ROI for your organization.

Policy Administration

Transforming underwriting with AI-Powered Precision

Step into the future of underwriting with, delivering unmatched risk assessment accuracy. Elevate capabilities, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions for an efficient insurance process.

Discover our underwriting solution designed to enhance efficiency, deliver precise risk assessments, and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems for a streamlined experience

Underwriting Precision

Informed decisions on policy issuance, coverage and pricing


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